Friday, February 24, 2006

Residents think UW stinks

Read the report about how the UW haters have won the propaganda war and most in Wisconsin think the system is wasteful.

It gives a pretty good idea about how badly the UW system has played politics throughout the last few years!

JS Online:Survey scalds UW System


Anonymous said...

While I agree that plenty of poliics is being played with the university, the reason we constantly lose is that we constantly refuse to address any real issues. Do we really need all the administrators we have? We won't even ask the question. Is it really necessary for convicted rapists to stay on the payroll? We would rather fight about their rights. Has anyone EVER asked, how could we reduce student expenses on campus? Think back to how text rental was treated. Now we are going to bump up their parking fees $150 and their gym fees $100. Should they complain? Hell yes.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks for your comments, but you have completely reversed the equation. The state has radically reduced our funding over the past 3 years and UWO is forced to recoup this money through every kind of nickle and dime procedure that we can dream up.

If we were not dealing with big cuts, most of things you mention would not be issues at all.

As I have said before, I am not a fan of administration, but no one (us, included) has any idea what the administration here or at system is like. These polls do not reveal an educated populace judging the merits of UW, they reveal that we have lost the public relations war to the Republicans in Madison.

I have to come back to the idea of a faculty union in this context. Think of the power that WEAC wields in this state, because they have great financial power to run ads and influence elections. We have nobody working for us. System seems to be made up of PR morons who simply let us be bashed left and right and can't get a positive message out.

We have not done a good job presenting our position to the citizens of Wisconsin and this poll demonstrates that most clearly!