Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Palmeri is warned about campaigning

I have to cross-blog this message Tony Palmeri posted. Provost Earns sent Tony the state policy on running for office.

Do they think that he is not aware of such regulations?

Are they suggesting that they will insist on a reduced-time appointment if he decides to run?

It doesn't sound very supportive to me. Has the administration decided that Tony's politics are bad publicity for UWO and is distancing itself from him?

Tony, himself, asks if they have sent the same letter to Gordon Hintz. Also, what about City Council Members?

This reminds me of last year when notes went out from administration officials to dampen discussion on our list-serv. They claimed then and they will surely claim now that they are only reposting the policy without any other implications. Who believes that story?

Talk To Tony: Somebody's Watching Me


jody said...

I wonder if two things could be true simultaneously -

1. Some people find Tony annoying and would like to grease his way out.

2. Recent B.S. regarding the R.A. issue have inspired frequent policy re-statements, since the alleged lack of policy statement semd to help the Steiger stinker get his inflammatory foot in the legal door.

I noticed you said the list-serv dampening took place last year, which would shoot holes in that theory at least to a degree. An interesting thing about UW list-servs - I was doing soom fairly in-depth Googling on a topic a month ago and a series of comments from a UW-EC list serv thread from 3 years ago showed up as a cached item.
There were some strong opinions on this thing with the speakers names clearly identified. It seemed that a rather private conversation can be available to Nosey Parkers like myself depending on what the technical glitches of the day are.

However, even if several factors, some benign some not, are feeding into this note were are discussing, I think it's only logical to assume some at the UW would like to distance themselves from la Palmeri. Maybe the note lacked a friendly tone?

But I'm sure Gordon Hintz' parents got a note about the policy - you know how schools are these days about school-parent communication. Or, stating my thoughts a bit more clearly - is that hiring a trifle obvious/embarassing looking?

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks for the information on the list-servs. I haven't seen that from ours, but I would imagine that these discussions are part of open records laws. Google makes them a little more open, but there is no particular reason why they should be secret.

As far as warning Tony, we all know how the game works--you write strict rules so that you can enforce them on problem students and work around them on students who are genuinely having problems. This is exactly what is going on here -- the system needs rules for when there is a problem -- the administration has identified Tony's political ambitions as a problem.

Anonymous said...

Has the university considered that Mr. Burk Tower is also running in a primary for City Council? Did he get the same notice that Tony did?

Trust me there are many of us local taxpayers that view Burk Tower a problem, and wish that the university would keep these type of brain trusts to themselves!!

Lake Winneblogo said...

There are two parts to your comment, anonymous:

First, as I suggested myself, it would be good to see that all people interested in political office are getting the same reminders, so that we know there is less discriminatory intent.

Second, as a member of community, I think it is good to have people with whom we are associated with involved in politics. It helps create a better relationship between town and gown and can bring extra energy and enthusiasm to politics.

If you don't like Burk Tower, and are campaigning against him, it is a good thing for democracy here in Oshkosh. Your dislike has engendered some sort of political activism!