Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gubernatorial candidate Walker :Break up UW system

In some sort of debate on right-wing talk radio in Milwaukee, County Exec Scott Walker suggested that breaking up the system might be good thing:

JS Online: DayWatch

I am not so sure that he is wrong. System mostly seems to be causing trouble in recent times. I wonder how things worked before system existed.


Anonymous said...

Winne -
The point of merger in 1972 was to save state dollars by ending the competition that was developing between UW madison and the Wisconsin State University system -- like UWO. It was all about streamlinging, ending duplication, and controlling total costs. Have an old timer explain UW Green Bay to you.

In the last couple years the System has allowed much more competition between campuses (a growing problem for UWO) but the general intent is still to control the need for tax dollars. Only a very young Republican would want to end System.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Do we have any idea if it works? Were the UWs worse off before 1972?

How much is spent in central administration versus what is spent on campus?

I am not sure that this is not an option that shouldn't be discussed, but, then again, I am a newcomer to WI as well!