Friday, February 10, 2006

Big Raises for Administrators in the works

In another act of deaf-ear politics, the regents have approved a big increase in the pay-scale for administrators.

This will play well in the next budget cycle--with all the belt-tightening in other places in the system, lets fork over extra thousands to non-teaching types.

The chancellor of Madison may get a pay raise as big as my yearly salary! Why can't we hire a few more professors with that money?

[UPDATE] An astute reader has pointed out that the Journal-Sentinal misreported the information on the Madison's chancellor's salary increase: he will only receive $1700 more). The vice chancellor of academic affairs will get over $37,000 though.

Here is the story from the Wisconsin State Journal.

and the original report at the Journal-Sentinal:

JS Online:Regents back big UW raises


jody said...

Why can't you hire professors with that money?
Gosh darn, don't ask that - here's what they'll say (and predictability of it all makes me want to hurl).

"We need to increase these salaries in order to keep good people. We need to keep the most equalified people here in order to stay competitive and protect the tradition of excellence within the UW system. Our administrators are (fill in the percentage, followed by some comparison salaries in other locations that make you want to pull your hair out) behind the norm.
We will lose our good people if we do not reward their efforts.

"Try and stop us, neener neener!"

RF said...

Just a point of clarification from someone who very closely follows the UW System. The Journal Sentinel article is flat out WRONG. As The Associated Press and the Wisconsin State Journal correctly reported, Chancellor Wiley's raise would only be about $1,700, not $57,000. The JS somehow forgot that Wiley makes $306,000 already, not the $251,000 that they thought. But a major error like that becomes a reality when printed on page 1 of the state's largest paper _ and lawmakers have incorrectly seized on the figure to bash the UW System.

Lake Winneblogo said...

In general, I am not opposed to trying to keep up salaries in the UW system (like my own), but this just seems like bad politics once again.

Even worse, when the Journal-Sentinal misreports the amount of increase for Wiley!