Thursday, February 16, 2006

Athletes have trouble graduating

Larry Graham wrote this interesting story, as a tie in with Black History Month. He reminds of us the awful graduation percentage of college athletes, emphasizing the dismal rates of black athletes.

Unfortunately, he ends the article on a quite flippant note--that black athletes have had success in the pros.

It is clear, however, that most athletes who do not graduate are not going on to the pros. Even for college that number is probably 1 in 1000. Most simply use up their eligibility and then the athletic department offers them no more support.

The article also contains the particularly disgusting comment from the athletic director at UW-LaCross who says lots of students don't graduate--why do people focus on athletes. As if the university doesn't play a special role in the live of athletes, even at division III schools. They promise them playing time, all sorts of additional academic help, and spend large amounts of money feeding them, clothing them and taking them to exotic locations. Then, they don't graduate. What is going on there?

Perhaps Mr. Graham will do a follow-up on this story and discuss the particular situation at UW-Oshkosh. We have a terrible graduation rate among regular students (about 46% in 6 years, if I remember correctly). One would expect the athletics rate to be higher.

Oshkosh Northwestern - A disturbing trend

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