Wednesday, December 21, 2005

UWO's bible thumper policy

Give credit to the A-T again for writing a story about UWO's position on RAs leading bible studies in their rooms

Our student administration announces that they will only declare a policy if someone comes forward claiming to be pressured.

They are carefully remaining ignorant, hoping not to offend the Christianists locally.

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jody said...

So by that standard racial segregation was okay until someone withstood the gut-wrenching agony of say, refusing to move to the back of the bus. And how many people were made to feel very, very unhappy by this "Hey, It's not MY job" policy before someone snapped?

Heroes are cool and all that, but we'd need less of them, and it would be so much more socially responsible if our institutions would LEARN from the past and not make it policy that
And then of course that individual is deified after their death and often a few beatings, when what we really mean is:

Thank God someone else spoke up - Thank God it wasn't me.

Guess What? I am offended by this policy. I am offended that I have to read about it, I am offended that my (adult) children have these kinds of needless moral dilemmas forced upon them by people who should have learned by now. They know of students who are offended and pressured. Students who do not have a taste for publicity and do not wan tthe lable "Jesus-Hater"
And who cares?
Yup, the policy seems to be working out really well.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks for your comments, jody!

This will probably be a continuing theme throughout the spring, as the Christianists use the UW system as another way to energize the fanatics.

After all, now that the holidays are over, they can't pretend Christmas is under assault.