Friday, December 02, 2005

University suspends Bible study ban

New Developments in a story I posted earlier -- UW Eau Claire's attempt to stop resident assistant from leading bible study ends for now.

There was no policy in writing, so it could not be officially enforced. Now, the system will write new rules governing these sorts of questions.

The question remains: should resident assistants, paid for their work helping students in the dorms, be able to lead bible studies in their rooms? Does it hurt their position as an accessible resource for students in the dorms? Will students of different faiths be able to feel comfortable when the person tasked to help them through the vagaries of college life suggests that the best way to do it is to abandon their own beliefs for his?

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 12/01/2005 | University suspends Bible study ban

This story in the Badger herald discusses how the issue is handled throughout the Big 10.

ADDED 12/4: Jody, in comments below, from the sidestreet added her own information about the story and her commentary at this link


jody said...

The RA issue appeared in print for the first time not in November as so many state, but as far back as Sept 14 in the UW-EC student/community publication The Flipside
A copy of the entire article is also reproduced on my own blog (following my flaming commentary)at
as will further rants on the issue as things are fairly heated over here about this.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks for your link and the extra information. I also enjoyed your commentary so much that I added the links to the front of the page!