Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two more articles about Reilly's pander

The journal-sentinal ran a longer story yesterday on this topic. You can read Reilly's comments, along with a few republican legislators, to whom he was pandering.

JS Online: UW president speaks up on Bible study controversy

The Capital Times ran an editorial against pushing religion on the UW campus:

Edward G. Young: University employees shouldn't push religio


Anonymous said...

I agree that we can not have people pushing their religion on others. However, that is not what is happening when a bible study is being conducted. The study is done in a room, the door is closed. Only those wanting to be in the study are in the room. What is wrong with this?

I do see a problem when the RA is giving out bible's to those who choose not to be involved in the study. However, this is not what a bible study would be about, this is one example of an RA going overboard. That particular RA should have been disciplined accordingly.

Do we also say that if an RA is gay that they are promoting a gay lifestyle on the floor and if that makes someone uncomfortable then they can not have their partner over? Do we also say that if an RA is of another ethnicity (not white) and that makes some people nervous then we should not allow them to be an RA?

There are ways to allow RA's to be who they are and not push the religion on others. What is done behind closed doors, when it is ethical and legal, should be none of our business.

Lake Winneblogo said...

It is perfectly reasonable for an RA to go outside the dormitory to lead bible study groups. I would hope that RA's in general are active in all sorts of campus groups.

The problem comes when these activities occur in close proximity to their job. Using their state-provided dorm room to talk about their personal religous beliefs to groups of like-minded people should be seen as inappropriate.

As a final note, race and sexual preference are not choices. Religion is. To conflate them is simply wrong.