Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wisconsin Supreme court rules on Marder case

Our supreme court ruled yesterday that most of the rules in the Marder case were properly followed. It returned the case to lower courts, however, for an investigation of whether "new facts" were added during a discussion before the board of regent's consideration of his appeal.

I haven't followed this case closely, but TAUWP has been supporting Marder and using him as an example of administrative power out of control for years.

Inside Higher Ed :: Tenured Professor's Firing (Largely) Upheld

Here is the supreme court brief and a story from 2001 about the Marder case that appeared at the Chronicle of Higher Education


Dave Diamond said...

Is it any wonder that TAUWP continues to labor in irrelevance, when their poster child is a sexual predator despised by his colleagues and feared by his former students?

Lake Winneblogo said...

In some ways, I agree with you. Marder seems like a shady character. However, due process and the rules should be followed in all cases, no matter how distasteful the individual.

I don't know how TAUWP first got involved in this case, but the supreme court ruling suggests that the procedures were violated along the way.