Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Student expelled for antagonistic web postings

How about this story--you have to be careful what you post on the internet if you are a colege student! I am afraid that it could happen to university employees, so I remain anonymously Winneblogo!

first alerted me to a whole series of incidents:

Here is a story from the Boston Globae about Facebook:

Fisher College expels student over website entries - The Boston Globe


Anonymous said...

Crazy story... but come'on, that's not why you're anonymous

Lake Winneblogo said...

It's easier being anonymous! Although I am far from an inflammatory voice on campus, it saves me the grief of having to actually talk to anyone about my opinions. Nobody stops me in the hall to agree or disagree with me. I also won't step on the toes of administrative types, a few of whom I hear have short tempers and long memories. Maybe after I get tenure. . . .

babblemur said...

Careful, LW, we are narrowing your identity down...

Not in COBA,
Not Tenured,

Narrowed down to 80% of the faculty and staff already!