Wednesday, October 19, 2005

UWO makes news for students' desire for more booze

The Student Government voted to propose alcohol in Reeve Union Monday evening.

The Northwestern is up in arms--covering the story and then editorializing against it. The anti-university editorial writer has decided to take this opportunity to once again bash the university, claiming that the city has different standards than the campus community. It strikes me as the pot calling the kettle black: to claim that Oshkosh, with a little bar on every street corner and whose political leaders keep asking the state for permission to have more liquor licenses, to say that serving alcohol at Reeve is somehow problematic.

The real point is that the Northwestern likes to publish sensationalist negative attacks on the university and see what happens. They look forward to angry letters from our ranks and hope the regular conservative letter writers applaud their decision. Do you think they have data which suggests they sell more papers when they harrass the university?

I am not likely to start going to Reeve to have an afterwork drink with my students, so I think the students' justification is weak, but I also don't see a big problem with allowing alcohol to be served on campus.

Oshkosh Northwestern - UWO union may soon serve alcohol

There is not a link yet for the editorial.


Anonymous said...

This is not something totally new to the union. As a alumni I spent some time in the Draught Board on the 80's sipping suds. I have no idea when they stopped serving beer in the union, but I think the "politically correct" police have risen again.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Apparently, it was only with the Reeve remodel of 2000 that they stopped serving alcohol.

All the references to problems in the past in the Northwestern editorial are unrelated to what was happening at Reeve.