Thursday, September 01, 2005

New York Times reports study on liberal bias of law professors

New reports of bias in the academy, a study shows that law professors give money to democrats--81% of them.

It is pretty amazing to think about the rhetoric -- making the argument that giving money to the democratic party makes you liberal and biased.

It seems to me that the democratic party has fought many internal battles about their political direction. The right wing media might have called John Kerry a liberal, but he was barely to the left of center at all.

Then they go on to declare that these "liberals" have failed spectacularly to endoctrinate their students, as if this were the secret, conspiratorial goal of all (secretly communist) college professors.

It is quite the story and once again a misrepresentation of what happens in classrooms all across this country.

If the Law Is an Ass, the Law Professor Is a Donkey - New York Times

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