Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Here is the Chancellor's document about the Senate cuts

I found this in my e-mail from last week. Here are even more details about the Senate cuts for us.

Impact of Potential Additional Budget Reductions
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh*

• Impact on UW Oshkosh from the Governor’s Budget is $2.6 million cut biennially.

• Agreed to keep students in the classroom by minimizing the impact on instruction.

• The Joint Finance and Senate version result in an additional $2.7 million reduction for UW Oshkosh.

• The 2005-06 impact is approximately an additional $1.4 million cut in GPR. Additionally, up to $500,000 of tuition revenue would be lost due to enrollment losses.

• 80% or $1.5 million of the reduction will impact instruction directly.

• Students have been enrolled and faculty/teaching academic staff are under contract: very little can be done for the Fall semester.

• Conservatively, the impact of cutting $1.5 million from the instruction budget in the Spring semester is a loss of 6,600 seats in the classroom.

• A reduction of 6,600 seats would be accomplished primarily by freezing Spring enrollments, including transfers from 2 year colleges, increasing class size, and decreasing per student average credit load for our 11,000 students.

• Layoff notices, where possible, would have to be issued to approximately 60 teaching staff for the Spring semester alone.

• The 2005-06 impact will continue into the 2006-07 academic year namely through decreased enrollments, increased time to degree, increased cost to students, thereby increasing debt load upon graduation

*This assumes no return of the $34 million Senate budget reduction.

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