Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why the UW is a 98-pound weakling

Try this editorial about the failure of the UWS to find political support in the state. . .

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Bryan L. Bain said...

There was a letter to the editor in the June 07 Oshkosh Northwestern from a parent of a UW Oshkosh student. It was refreshing to read a letter from a parent concerned about the proposed budget cuts. I hope more are concerned and contacting their elected officials! Here's the letter to the editor:

University budget cuts will jeopardize education

I'm the proud parent of a student currently enrolled at UW-Oshkosh. I was shocked by your editorial of May 22, which suggested that the university should be content with budget cuts.

What is bad for UW-Oshkosh is bad for Oshkosh. Period. Having our hometown newspaper suggest that we invite budget cuts to town with open arms is ludicrous behavior.

You are enabling state politicians to jeopardize my son's education. I think you owe the students at the university an apology for doing so.

Richard F. Hufford Oshkosh