Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oshblog: What is REALLY happening to UW budget?

Miles Maguire was busy this morning, putting together the best picture of what went on with the Joint Finance Committee decisions on the UW system. Take careful note of the figures that Miles provides that the new budget doesn't not cover any costs of inflation, but makes us cut to cover those rising expenses-- 90 million in cuts!!!

Oshblog: What is REALLY happening to UW budget?

As far as the budgeting process goes, it is unclear what the results of these decisions will be. Obviously, this is just one of the whole sequence of bad moments for the system. Doyle, however, has to sign off on the budget as well.

Will he stand up for any of the proposals he made? Will he be honest about the cuts he proposed to the system, covered with a veneer of new initiatives?

Locally, it is hard to tell if this will amount to a new round of cuts for UWO. In the course of the next few days, I suppose we will find out how much more we lose, thanks to the increase the media claims we are getting.

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