Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tony Palmeri's Letter to College Students

In the spirit of linking to other relevant local comentary, I want to point you towards Tony's article about the 35th anniversary of Kent State.

Tony's letter to Students

I agree with his sentiments, though I would hope that you don't have to be on the left to agree with some of his conclusions.

Making sure that Americans have access to quality education should not be an ideological question. Learning how to write well, read with a critical eye, and form your own thoughtful opinions about the world around you is at the core of what democracy means.

Unfortunately, higher education has become something of a whipping boy in the media today. This morning, even the comic strip "For Better or Worse" took a shot at professors "who may have spent time in class, but have no class."

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Tony Palmeri said...

Thank you for posting the letter on your blog. And you are correct--one need not be on the "left" to appreciate its sentiments. I'm finding that the "left-right" continuum doesn't really have much relevance these days, and have started to use "bottom-top" instead. I'll avoid expanding on that at the moment as final papers have already started to creep in (:-).

Thanks again for posting the letter. Peace, -Tony