Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Republican Attack on Reilly from last week

I can't help but link to this editorial, which notes the vicious attack from a legislator named Steve Nass against the UW system and Reilly himself.

Here are the two best paragraphs:

The Palmyra Republican condemned Reilly and suggested that the UW System should be punished with another $35 million in spending cuts. "The hypocrisy contained in President Reilly's letter is only surpassed by the arrogance and elitism of the bureaucracy that the president represents," wrote Nass, in a letter to finance committee members that dripped venom.

Why the fury? Nass thinks the UW System is too committed to open debate and academic freedom. He was the Legislature's angriest critic of the decision of UW-Whitewater officials to permit controversial University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill to speak there earlier this year.

Editorial: Nass is out of line on UW

Thus, punishing the students across the state of Wisconsin for Ward Churchill is part of the farce which masquerades as public policy here.

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