Friday, May 27, 2005

First Letters in Response published

The Northwestern published the first spread of letters this morning. There were about 6 of the letters that appear on this blog. We should see the rest of them over the weekend!

In the face of the threatened new rounds of cuts, we need to do something to help strengthen the position of the universities. The letters allow the readers of the paper (which has a circulation of only 21,000) to see a serious and concerted attempt to explain the faults of the arguments in the editorial. Hopefully, they can also raise some broader awareness of what happens at universities and why they are valuable to the state and society as a whole.

It is still unbelievable to me to hear about secretive discussions to continue to slash our budgets. We will probably be teaching more students if the Republicans ram throught deeper cuts. Doyle doesn't seem likely to refuse. He, our education governor, has not made any real attempt to help the universities, so he may go along with deeper cuts if he gets his new biotech building in Madison.

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